Appellate Court
Cook County, IL -- Chicago and Suburbs

  • Attorney since 1976
  • Clerk of the Court
  • Judge, Circuit Court
  • Judge, Appellate Court 2010

Here are some independent assessments
Chicago Bar Association (2010)

“Judge Pucinski is well regarded for her diligence and work ethic.”

Chicago Council of Lawyers (2010)

“Judge Pucinski is well respected for her temperament ... respondents appearing before her on real estate tax matters praise her abilities as a judge.”

Chicago Bar Association (2012)

“Justice Pucinski has heard a number of major civil and ciminal appeals . . .  Justice Pucinski's management experience, knowledge of administrative law, and commitment to public service would serve her well on the Illinois Supreme Court”

Cook County Bar Association (2012)

“Recommended because [Judge Pucinski] posses the basic legal skills including a demonstrated awareness of the importance of diversity issues and character to be an effective Supreme Court Justice.”




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